Rent your Villa


Utilize all the financial benefits from renting your Villa, without the hassle. LLB Luxury Villas & Suites leases and manages luxury villas in Mykonos, and then sub-leases them to visiting travelers.


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Guaranteed Revenue

We estimate and offer a pre-agreed lease price for the duration of the contract, without agent commissions or extra charges, payable at the beginning of each summer season.

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Full Property Management

Our team will offer a complete facilities maintenance for your property. We cover the cost and monitor the process for maintenance works during our lease contract period.

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Increase of Property’s Value

Professional property evaluators link the market value of a house with its potential in income generation. Higher the generated income, higher the market value of your property in a potential sale. Through professional management, we ensure the maximization of income generation capability for your asset and thus the higher property market value.

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Contractual agreed terms

Safety and Flexibility in contractual agreed terms that satisfy all parts of the deal. Option to extend or cancel anytime.

mykonos luxury villas rent property safety

Safety for the property

We ensure the safety of your property, during our lease, against major threats with a full coverage insurance contract.

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Professional Property Photo shooting

In the beginning of our lease period, we run a professional photo shooting that will highlight all the remarkable aspects of your property. The whole package will be available to you upon completion of our lease contract.


Step 1

Apply Your Inquiry

The process begins with you creating a profile within our website and providing photos and information for your property.

Step 2

Meeting in person

If your property matches our carefully selected criteria, we will contact you to arrange a meeting and understand more about you and the property. We will also present you our team and methodology we employee.

Step 3

Property Inspection

A closer look to your property is essential for us to draw a better image for your property. Also, our technicians will evaluate whether maintenance works should take place. We are also looking to dig up hidden gems by small scale renovation works in properties with unrealized potential. So, whatever the condition of your property is, do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 4

Carefully drafted Offer

Shortly after our on-site visit, we will advise our financial analysis and operational models to decide whether we make an offer to add your property in our portfolio. Also, a realistic range for the lease rate will be estimated and a complete offer will be communicated to you.

Step 5

Contracts and Property Handover

If both parties agree on the terms of our offer, we move to contracts. Terms and conditions are very friendly and flexible covering all events. We are open to discuss and alter the terms in order to satisfy both parties of the deal. When contracts are signed, we arrange the property handover and delivery inspection.

Step 6

Stay Informed

During our lease contract, you can contact us as often as you want to get informed for your property’s performance. We will also prepare and communicate to you a monthly performance statement of your asset’s overall performance.