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Mykonos is probably the most famous Greek island and the vacation destination with the most cosmopolitan summer atmosphere in the world.
The jet set fell in love with this sun-kissed, windswept island with the bright-whitewashed buildings, sugar-cubed houses, azure colored waters, white sand beaches and spectacular sunsets. Today, it is the ultimate summer destination for discerning travelers, fashionistas, celebrities, music/party lovers and everyone looking for intense summer lifestyle but
also people looking to gain inner peace and go for a retreat. This fabulous destination offers a vibrant beach life with some of Greece’s most famous beaches and beach houses, exciting nightlife, a plethora of activities and water sports, picturesque sunsets, a remarkable variety of excellent restaurants and a legendary party scene. There is also
an unspoiled and quiet side of the island, which you will definitely fall in love with. Mykonos, is suitable for singles as well as couples and families. You may choose the lifestyle you want to follow in this extraordinary island. It is also famous as a gay friendly destination.
In Mykonos, most people choose to spend the day by the pool or on a beach and they venture out to town’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs later in the night. You may always choose to spend some nights in famous beach parties (Scorpios, Alemagou) that last till late in the night.
Be sure to walk along the narrow streets of Chora (Mykonos old town), see the sunset from “Little Venice”, visit the traditional windmills on the hill above town, swim in exotic beaches and enjoy a well-prepared cocktail under the summer sun along with inspirational music vibes. Enthusiasts with Greek ancient history and Mythology will be charmed by the nearby sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of god Apollo and goddess Artemis, one of the most significant open archaeological sites in Greece.
Organize a nice trip to Delos, learn about the history, visit the ancient ruins, swim in secluded white sand beaches around the island and watch the sunset in the brightest island of the world. Mykonos can offer the most memorable and relaxing holiday experience you are looking for your
How to get there
By plane directly from major European cities
From Athens either by domestic flight (40 min), or by boat (3 hours) or by helicopter (35min)